Of Santiago & Sanibel

Alex Pavlovic’s Giants blog re: Santiago Casilla

Pitching for the Domincan Republic, at AT & T.  3/19/13

Pitching for the Domincan Republic, at AT & T.

“The emotion is unbelievable when you play for your country,” he said. “Everybody was watching us in the Dominican.”

Afterward, everyone was partying. Asked how long the celebration lasted, Casilla flashed a wide smile. “Oh!” he said. “Nobody was sleeping.”

When you want to stay up all night and celebrate, what will you wear?  How about these gorgeous pieces from Stella & Dot?!

Sanibel chandeliers

Sanibel chandelier earrings by Stella & Dot.  $49.

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Spring Awakening

Spring Awakening

It’s the Spring Awakening!! Pitchers and catchers report to Scottsdale today. It’s officially baseball season!!!  Can I get a WOOOO HOOOO???!!! Here’s an adorable video of Lincecum messing around with Hunter Pence at Giants Fanfest a couple of days ago. … Continue reading

Romo is Starstruck!

photo: Brant Ward/The Chronicle

Sergio Romo looked like an adorable, giddy child this weekend, holding his autographed football after the 49er game.

He says he was “starstruck,” meeting his favorite football players, and likewise,
the Niners were starstruck meeting our amazing closer!

I’d be starstruck if I met Sergio Romo, too…but until that happens…

wearing and selling the Starstruck ring, by Stella & Dot

keeps me feeling giddy!

Starstruck ring by Stella & DotStarstuck ring by Stella & Dot

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Angel’s in the outfield

Just read the great news

that the Giants

will re-sign

Angel Pagan.


We have our Angel in the Outfield.



Fly your Angel wings!

What’s Theriot gonna wear tomorrow?!

Hunter Pence famously delivered the extemporaneous speech of a lifetime to his teammates, as they prepared to face the Reds in the Game 3 elimination match.  His passion earned him the role of Giants pre-game orator and Chief Inspiration Officer.

Hunter Pence, center, gave an inspirational speech to Giants teammates during the division series against the Reds.(Photo: Frank Victores, US PRESSWIRE)

CLICK HERE to see the Giants imitate the sound and fury of their loveable, fired-up compadre, Hunter Pence.  

“I’m not ready to go home yet!  I want one more day with you guys!  I want to see what Theriot is gonna wear tomorrow!”-Hunter Pence 

And, what are you going to wear tomorrow when you celebrate Thanksgiving?

I’ll be wearing the Serenity Stone pendant, by Stella & Dot!


Baer Essentials

This week, Larry Baer, the Giants’ President and CEO, sent out a truly gracious letter to the fans.

Here’s my favorite part, which actually got me a bit verklempt.

“As I watched manager Bruce Bochy and his staff spill onto the field, I imagined what was happening in San Francisco. All of us who traveled to Detroit – including every player and coach – knew Coit Tower, the Ferry Building and City Hall were awash in orange light. We knew that fans had filled every inch of Civic Center Plaza to watch Game 4. We knew that throughout the Bay Area, living rooms and pubs were packed with people wearing Panda and Baby Giraffe hats, fake beards and “Vogelstrong” bracelets.

We also knew that no matter how talented the players or how ingenious the manager, no team can win a World Series Championship – much less two in three years – without a little magic.

Our magic is you.

I wish you could hear how our players talk about you, not just with each other but also with players on other teams. Brandon Belt says base runners on first base tell him they’ve never heard a park as loud as AT&T. Hunter Pence says that Giants fans are “the ultimate motivator.” Matt Cain calls you their 10th player.

So believe me when I tell you this: Our players carried all of you with them onto the field at Comerica Park. And they were unbeatable.”

Baer.  He’s essential.

Here are my  current Stella & Dot bare essentials! Cute and dependable, just like the Giants.

Buster Posey wins the 2012 Silver Slugger!

 BUSTER is this year’s Silver Slugger award winner!!

Congratulations, Buster!!

Looking for something that will knock it outta the park?

Try this silver slugger on for size!

The Alexandria necklace, by Stella & Dot, $89.

Of Civics and Celebration

Yesterday, I felt more like a True Blue American than I do on the average day.

I voted AND served Jury Duty (which was actually incredibly interesting!)

On route home from the Court house, I passed San Francisco’s City Hall, which is decked-out from the World Series celebration.

I love that they changed the banners from this year’s Giants campaign, “Together We’re Giant,”  to “Together We’re Champions.”

I think that same motto could apply to Barack and Michelle Obama.


A photograph tweeted by Barack Obama after he won a second term in the White House.

What will you wear to celebrate this victory?

I think it calls for something BOLD and BLUE.

The Bahari necklace, by Stella & Dot.  

We Are the Champions, My Friends

The Giants got it done- again!

San Francisco Giants players pose for photographs after the parade celebrating the team’s World Series victory.  City Hall, San Francisco, Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2012. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

And so did ASHKON!

His latest Giants love song makes me laugh and cry.

Ashkon is a genius.  And, boyfriend can SING!

Between the Giants

and my favorite necklace from Stella & Dot,

I want to sing, too..

You can’t help but feel ready to play when you are rocking the Stevie necklace.


with either of these earrings,

or the essential ball stud.

Grace Pearl earrings (just $34)                               Vintage Hematite studs

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What’s got you singing?

Dreams take flight

What a dream it was,

to watch our Giants in the ticker-tape parade on Halloween

basking in the love of their fans, and celebrating a tremendous, victorious season.

Sergio Romo photo:  Kyle Terada, US PRESSWIRE
 Marco Scutaro photo by Brad Mangin- SI.com
Hunter Pence photo by Brad Mangin- SI.com

The Soar necklace,

by Stella & Dot

“The perfect gift for one who needs a reminder that dreams take flight when given wings.”

Flap your wings and soar.